Awesome Decor

You’ve gotta love a restaurant with a chandelier, license plates and the Blue Brothers overhead!


Front of the House October 2010: After


I’m proud to say that we work really hard that summer on transforming the actual look of our house.  We had neighbors stopping by to thank us, which was surprising.  It had been neglected for a few years and they were excited to see us truly caring for it.  It made us very proud that people were actually noticing.

Projects we completed on the outside:
Paint:  These were custom colors created, but I have all of the codes in case you like them.  I had originally picked out the (3) colors from Lowe’s, but our carpenter wanted to use Behr, so he just took the chips in and got them matched.  You can do that with any colors you see.  Choose them from one location and have them matched at another.

Windows: Dark Brown Vinyl (exterior), White (interior).  I choose to re-configure the main windows to make the house a little more modern.

Landscape: Complete overhaul, which I’ll explain in another post (hopefully you noticed we got rid of the dandelions)

Resealed the driveway: When I used to blow the drive way, chunks of asphalt would come flying off with the leaves!  We filled in as much as we could until we could afford to have it ripped out and redone.  My Dad helped us with this project and actually mixed sand in with the sealer to fill some of the massive gaps.  As he said “it’s not a permanent solution, but it will help with the flying asphalt.” HA!