Halloween 2013 (German Beer Family – Prost!)

Before we knew what we were having, I thought how cute would it be to have the baby be a stein?!?  Until our baby girl is old enough to tell me what she wants to be, she will be incorporated into our costume! 🙂  Thank goodness I have a fabulous Hub-E who was willing to wear the lederhosen.

Halloween German Beer Family
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Halloween 2009 (Chinese Takeout)

Chinese Takeout Anyone??  This is by far, one of my favorite costumes we’ve done!!  The song by Brittany Spears “Toxic” was popular and I altered the words of this song forever…it’s now called “and you know that you’re chopsticks” LOL!! 🙂

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YAHOO, we’ve entered into October, one of my favorite months!!  Not only for the weather, but it’s HALLOWEEN!!!!  This month, lets take a trip down memory lane and look at all of our costumes from the past few years.

I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful Hub-E that puts up with my crazy obsession to have the most unique costumes.

Halloween Month!
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