Filling up the summer recipe jar

So we are just about to hit the summer season and we are out of recipes in the martini shaker! So the Hub-e and I went through and filled it tonight. It’s going to be a great summer filled with food and fun! Ha, you can see we still haven’t uncovered the fountain in the background. 😄



Basement E Model!

As we gear up for the basement E Model to start, I find it extremely overwhelming starting the last project of the house!!  I’m excited, nervous and DREADING taking everything out of the basement!  It will feel so good once it’s done, but I’m avoiding it like the plague! Going into the basement at all is horrifying since it’s been an absolutely dumping ground since the flood LAST YEAR!  It will take us weeks to empty everything out, but it will be awesome to donate and pitch a ton of stuff!    

Wish me luck as I start trying to sift through everything Monday!  

This Calls for a Post!! (Better After Celebration!)

I really mean toast! Ha ha ha, get it…post – toast?!?   I’m SOOO beyond grateful that I was featured today on Better After, one of my favorite blogs!!!!  I found Better After (Lindsey) a year or two ago through pinterest and started following the blog.  Lindsey is absolutely hilarious and witty, someone you don’t know, but would want to!

All of a sudden I get this odd noise on my phone and I look to find it’s an alert from wordpress telling me my stats are up?!? Now if you don’t know me; I just moved into the tech world and got a smart phone from the Hub-e for Christmas, so I’m not exactly sure what all the noises do yet.  I was like, oh cool my stats are up, but then I saw where they were coming from!!! O.M.G, I was really being featured on Lindsey’s Better After Blog!  So a BIG THANK YOU to Lindsey!!!

You really need to check her out, she has an amazing and inspiring site that is all about everyone’s favorite part of a remodel the Before and After pictures!!

Energy Efficiency Audit (Pre-basement E-Model)

Energy Efficiency Audit (Pre-basement E-Model)

As we gear up to start the last MAJOR e-model, I came into contact with a great company!  Kevin from Kinightic Energy, specializes in Energy Audits and Radon Testing. I wanted an energy audit because we are going to be taking the basement down to the studs and this includes the ceiling.  While we have the opportunity with exposed ceilings and walls I’d like to try and make our home more energy efficient.

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