Outdoors 2013: Step 1 – Foundation Repair

We have finally begun our foundation and landscape re-grading!  The foundation cracks were the first step to having a flood-free basement.  We knew we had these foundation cracks for the last few years, but it was finally time to get them repaired from the outside.

Atlas Restoration has been extremely helpful with the entire process.   We began working with Atlas during the first few floods we had in 2010.  They repaired the cracks from the inside, but this wasn’t working for us.  We continued to flood from the same cracks every year.  Finally we bit the bullet and had them repaired from the outside.


They start by digging a hole where the crack is.


This is the crack in the front, we had (2) front & back.

foundation-crack-repair 1 close-up-foundation-crack-repair

They dig down far enough to see the original footing of the house; to ensure they get the entire crack.  They proceed to put a water-proof barrier (tar-looking-paste) along the crack to seal it from the outside.

More to come as we get re-graded and landscaping next week!!  This is not the most glamorous project, BUT it’s a must do 😦


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