Master Bathroom Details

Just like the kitchen, I enjoyed making this space our own with a few custom features.

Shower Cubbies


These fit right in between the studs and are nicely tucked away out of plain view.  I of course needed two while my Hub-E gets by with one 🙂

Etched Window, Display Shelf, and Garden Stool:



I wanted to mimic the look of the window to visually balance the wall.  I had a real orchid in here until I accidentally killed it. 😦 I don’t know if it died due to lack of water or sunlight, but I opted for a fake one for now. My mom etched the window for us, she has done some awesome windows with etching products and stained glass kits.  I got the garden stool as my seat for the steam room.  I had our teak stool in there for a while, but didn’t want it ruining it staining the white grout.

Magnifying Mirror:


Ever go to a hotel and stair at your pores in those fabulous mirrors?  Well, since the wall was open I opted to put in little luxury for myself.  I use it every day, this was something I didn’t even know I was missing until now!


IMG_0884 IMG_0889

Since this room is connected to the closet and dressing room, I wanted to tie together the look of the two rooms.  I went for a chrome flush mounted ceiling light.  I wanted a chandelier, but the modern lines of the bathroom and height of my husband didn’t allow for it.  There are some pretty cool modern chandeliers out there, but I also didn’t want to bust our budget.

Hidden Outlets:

IMG_0519 IMG_0523

I actually wrote an entire post about hidden conveniences and these are two of them.  I have outlets behind the doors of the linen closet and our vanities so that rechargeable items can be hidden and off the counter tops.


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