Master Bathroom: January 2013

This project wasn’t planned until the end of 2013, but getting pregnant sped up the timing.  Before the baby came, we needed to add a tub back into the house; not that we couldn’t have washed her in the sink, but that is only a short term solution.

We took a bit of a gamble on this one because we took out the closet in the Master Bedroom to expand the Master Bath.  Since I had already created the closet of my dreams, which is attached to the Master Bedroom, to me it made perfect sense to do this.  We have not permanently  closed off the closet to the hallway, but we have currently closed it off in a way that you can’t access it from the hallway.



The old bathroom could fit into what is now our wet room (shower/steam room).

Parts & Pieces:

Glass Shower Doors:  Ordered from a local glass company.  We saved by creating a header, which caused the doors to be a standard height of 84″.

Vanities:  Menards.  Bought them on sale, plus a $100 rebate on each.  By buying (2) vanities instead of (1), this saved us a ton.  We spent $500 on both and got the same amount of space we would’ve with (1) vanity they are each 30″ and have the same storage and counter space a regular 60″ vanity would have.

Tub/Faucet:  Cabinets Tto Go.  I purchased this almost 2 years prior since it was such a great deal.  Cabinets To Go was clearing out all their tubs and faucets and I got a great deal on the combination.  If you know you are going to use it and the price it too good to pass up, I would recommend purchasing as you go. (This is only IF you can deal with it in your garage or basement until it’s time to use it)

Toilet:  HOBO.  Purchased this on clearance over a year before the project was even thought about.  We stored it in the garage until we needed it.

Lighting:  Scones & Overhead are both from  These were open box items, so they were marked down lower than the sale prices.

Tile:  Floor & Decor Outlet.  Floor and Shower Walls:  This is the Linen look tile, with grey tones.  They no longer carry this exact tile, but below is a link to something very similar, with just a hint of tan tones.  Shower ceiling/floor: White glass tile, clearanced at Floor and Decor, I paid more for the shipping then the actual tile, but it still evened out to only $3.00 a sq ft and for glass tile that isn’t bad at all.

Heated Flooring:, I couldn’t beat the pricing especially with free prime shipping!  We got the flooring mat, connecting sensor, and thermostat.

Mirrors:  HOBO.  These are actually medicine cabinets that only open part way. Our contractor accidentally forgot to measure them and I didn’t want them sticking out too far into the room, so I opted to have them only open part way.

Shower Faucets:  Home Depot.  Delta Dryden in Chrome.

I will go into more details about the transformation in a later post this week.


One thought on “Master Bathroom: January 2013

  1. januarymaster bath 2013. Can you give me the measurements of the room, I am in the process within the next 6 month of converting my bedroom into master bath and this is beautiful!! Love all the notes on where you purchased items too!! Very helpful

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