Entrance: April 2012

Our home is a split-level, with the front entry actually between two floors.  The entryway opens to a living room on the upper right, the kitchen straight ahead and up, and the basement below.  Since the kitchen is the first room visible when entering the house, I wanted to find a way to tie together the look of the entrance and the kitchen.  I did this by re-using tile that was used in the kitchen, and by using the same transitional flooring  pattern that I had used in the rooms bordering the kitchen for the entrance.

Unfortunately, I do not have a true before picture of the entrance way, but I can tell you that the stairs were carpeted and the landing was covered in cracked tile.



Parts & Pieces:

Stair Treads:  Solid Red Oak from Home Depot.  As you can see from the before, once we took out the carpet, there was nothing to work with below.  I was hoping to refinish what we had, but the wood was so badly damage that it would’ve taken an eternity to sand them down to a usable state.

Stain: Minwax Satin Stain:  Ebony.  When I was staining, I used a foam brush and I did NOT wipe off any excess stain.  There are actually (3) coats on them.  As you can tell, I wanted a very dark stain to match the kitchen cabinets.

Light Wood: Maple with no stain, just a satin finish which our carpenter put on.  We bought this in bulk from the manufacture with the help of our carpenter.  This was the same flooring used in the Kitchen.

Dark Wood: Oak flooring from Menards, stained the exact same way as the treads.

Risers:  Stone Ledger Tile: Sandstone color from HOBO.  Came in 6×24 pieces that weren’t all that hard to cut or tile.  Since we used this on the bar in the kitchen, I used this to tie the entrance to the rest of the house.



You can see the matching stone ledger tile on the bar is the same I used on the stair risers.


I was a tiling machine that day!


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