Kitchen Details: April 2012

I know there are a lot of posts about our kitchen, but this was one of my favorite emodels and I put a lot of effort into the details.  The items in this post are some of my favorite features of the kitchen.  Not everyone would put details like this in their kitchen, but it’s about what makes you happy in your home.  You can’t always do things just because they will have good resale or because you know someone else would like it.  If we weren’t going to stay here for a number of years, I maybe could’ve eliminated a few of these to save a few extra dollars, but I’m happy with the upgrades and details that we did opt for.

There is only ONE thing I wish I could added looking back and will add in my future kitchen, a small vegetable washing sink right next to the stove.  I would’ve needed more counter room for this, but the Hub-E drips water all over the floor when carrying the washed items to the stove to be cut or cooked.  Just a fancy convenience upgrade that I wish I would’ve thought of since we had already run the cold water line to the pot filler.

Pot Filler:


This is becoming more common these days, but an upgrade for us!  This is a deck-mounted pot filler that I purchased from ebay.

Foot Pedal:

IMG_0687 IMG_0686

On an HGTV show, Bang for your Buck, I saw a fabulous idea to use the same foot pedals that dentists and doctors use in their offices for the our kitchen.  Don’t get me wrong, Delta does a great job with their new touchless  faucets, but I didn’t want to choose out of (3) that would fit the style of the kitchen.  The foot pedal gives you the option of choosing your faucet.  Once you get used to your foot pedal, you will find yourself constantly trying to turn on the faucet at your friends house with your foot, I do this constantly!  The faucet we have is my second choice, the one I originally purchased didn’t fit under the upper cabinet (big bummer!).

Garbage Disposal Button:


This is again something that is becoming more common, but I loved the idea of having this within an arms length and not having to reach for the button.

Boos Butcher Block Rolling Cart:


This is a Boos moveable kitchen station, which has storage to hold our pots and pans, a hefty butcher block cutting board, and serves as an additional prep or surface area.  Its removable cutting board top, allows it to fit perfectly under the counter tucked away when the Hub-E isn’t using it.  You may think I’m crazy for designing the cabinets around this cart, BUT it’s almost the same size as an under the counter wine refrigerator, so whenever we sell the house and want to take the cart with us, we can easily do so.

Glass Counter Top Bar:


Roughly 6 or 7 years ago, I got this idea from another HGTV show.  Before I even had a house, I told myself, I’m going to have that counter top some day!   Unfortunately, I had the glass counter top feature on HGTV priced out and realized that was almost 1/2 of budget and so I began to search out an alternative.  I had the piece prepared in a local glass shop in Wisconsin.  It’s a custom 9′ piece of glass, that is sandblasted on the bottom and has a slight beveled edge.  I worked with the same glass company to get a custom piece of stainless steel to cover the glue holding it up on the 1/2 wall it sits on.  I also had electrical run so that I could lite the bar with LED’s.  I have it held up with (3) stainless steel post for extra support, even though the glue is strong enough to hold it up.  Nothing like the fear of that huge piece of glass falling and possibly hurting someone!

Ceiling Transition or “Clouds” (as our contractor liked to call them):

IMG_2394 copy

These were a necessary feature to add since we had two different ceiling types on the main floor of our house.  A contractor gave us two suggestions when I brought this up during the planning part of the kitchen.  Option 1 – skim coat the entire upper floor of our house (I think not!) or 2 – try and have someone mimick the textured ceiling from the 60’s in the kitchen!  I didn’t go for either of those options and again saw something on DIY Network and asked our contractor to implement it.  FYI…contractors just LOVE it when you see something on TV and asked them to complete it, I had to send him the link to watch the show online before he got what I was trying to have him complete.  The funny part is we don’t even have cable!!!  I saw this when watching re-runs on, HA!!

Hardwood Transition:


Since we couldn’t really match the hardwood flooring in the rest of the house, I choose to do something a little out of the ordinary.  We had a boarder put in that separated the kitchen flooring from the living room, dining room, and hallway flooring.  I used an Ebony stain on a few pieces to create the dark border.  I wanted this for two reasons, one the direction of the flooring and transition between the different color and type of wood used.  The original hardwood flooring was not laid correctly with the floor joists in the house,  so the flooring in the kitchen needed to run in a different direction.  I actually love the different directions, making the border  and kitchen floor stand out more.

Matching Entrance:


The entrance is in another post, but this is a little preview.


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