Kitchen: April 2012

It was finally time to give my Hub-E a great place to cook by creating my initial vision of the kitchen.  When we first toured the house, I told my Hub-E that we need to update the kitchen by halving a wall and completely opening the space up.  He couldn’t see it at first, but if you asked him today he loves the open concept.  We love to entertain and this is his kitchen to entertain in, we can sit at the bar as he puts his mad chef-skills to use.

I’m showing you the very beginning before; there is another blog post I have of the interim transformation (Kitchen October 2010).  I will also have a post later this week that will show the transformation and views from the living and dining rooms.




Parts & Pieces:  We left this one to the pros, but helped out at much as we could with demo, tiling, and painting.  I shopped almost 6 months in advance to get the absolute best deals we could.  If you don’t mind having items like dishwashers, stoves, and refrigerators in your dining room waiting to be installed you will find some fabulous deals out there!

Cabinets:  Home Depot:  42″ American Woodmark   Savings:  10% off, 12 month free financing, free sink base, free stacked utensil drawer, and free hardware!  We were lucky we could remove the sofits to create more room to have larger cabinets.  We only put items we don’t use that often up on the upper shelves.  I would’ve been ok with normal sized cabinets, but we were taking down the upper cabinets on an entire wall so I wanted to make up the storage.

Counter Top: Local Stone Yard: Quartz:  savings: Closeout, only $35 per sq ft installed with 5 holes (we used 3: sink, faucet, garbage disposal button, and pot filler).  I  got an additional 5% off by saving up and paying in cash.

Flooring: Hardwood Maple: savings: $2.75 per sq ft – purchased through our carpenter from the manufacturer.  It was tacked on to another order that was running through the mill at the time.


  • Refrigerator: $1,710 ABT: Kitchen Aid French Door – counter depth: savings: Christmas Sale, 5% cashback with my credit card. Bought on-line, but you can lower the price in the store when you work with some of their sales reps.

  • Stove:  $1,060 Local Appliance Store: Kitchen Aid slide in: savings: Floor model, tiny scratch you can’t see.  We asked them to call us if they were going to sell the floor model, 2 weeks later our phone rang.

  • Dishwasher: $370 Home Depot: Maytag:  savings: day-after-thanksgiving sale, 5% cashback on my credit card. To save on this item, I opted to have the plastic interior instead of the upgraded stainless steel.  For those of you who like matching appliances, the dishwasher is where you can get away with it – some of the time they are not labeled on the outside (like ours)

Range Hood:  $360 Ebay

Pot Filler:  $60 Ebay – this is not a normal pot filler, it actually has the option to get hot water, but we only had the cold water line run to it.

Foot Pedal:  $190.00 Amazon:

I will continue this post later this week, as it’s gotten a little lengthy!


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