How we pick our dinners…

On our winter weekend get-a-way to my Brother and Sister-in-law house in New Hampshire, we came across a jar in their kitchen with many little shreds of paper.   They had written down a bunch of dinner ideas and things they had never tried before.  We took this idea and used as an opportunity to use our ridiculous number of cook books.  We had gotten to a point were we had to tell family members that we couldn’t accept one more cook book as a gift.  There were too many and we hadn’t even tried a recipe from a couple of them.


The Hub-E and I took a Saturday afternoon in the winter of 2011 and went through all of our cook books page-by-page!  If  something sounded delicious or wanted we just wanted to try it, we wrote it down on a shred of paper and threw them all into a container.  If we came across a cook book or magazine with no recipes that we had mark, we placed it in the Good Will pile.    This was the perfect opportunity to go through and weed out the cook books we didn’t and weren’t going to use.


We put the name of the dish, which cookbook it could be found in, and the page number on a slip of paper and put them into the containers.

IMG_0532 IMG_0533

We have two recipe containers to separate winter and summer recipe.  We put them into seasons since we didn’t want the chance of picking a heavy meatloaf in the middle of a 90 degree summer day.  They sit on the bar shelf waiting each weekend for us to pick out of one of our “hats”.  We pick the night prior to making something in case it’s a complex recipe that will require the Hub-E to do lengthy prep work or marinating.

We don’t pick every weekend and its taken us over two years to go through all the recipes, but once we are done we will start all over again!


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