Behind the Closet Doors – Hidden Conveniences

I’m passionate about keeping things hidden, out of sight, and off the counter tops, but I also don’t want to have to go downstairs every time I need the vacuum.

If you have the opportunity while you are remodeling or if you simply want to add an outlet into an existing closet, you can hide all of your supplies and cords behind the closet doors while keeping your counters clutter free.


Master Bathroom Under the Sink: Hidden:  Tooth Brush and Dustbuster (yes, I have a dustbuster next to my toothbrush – every morning I conveniently suck up all the hair that I left on the floor – it only takes 15 seconds and makes my cleaning life a lot easier). Under my Hub-E’s sink is his toothbrush and razor.  There are so many other things you can hide under here: Blow Dryer, Curling Iron, the list could go on.

IMG_0522IMG_0521 IMG_0519

Master Bathroom Closet: Hidden: Steamer, Iron, and Ipod Dock/Radio.  I was going to put our coffee maker in here, but the Hub-E says I have gone too far with bathroom conveniences, the coffee maker stays in the kitchen.  I might sneak it in when he’s not home 🙂

IMG_0527IMG_0518 IMG_0517

Hallway Closet:  Hidden: Handheld Vacuum and Battery Pack for electric blower.  Before the master bathroom remodel, I had the dustbuster in here, but since we completed the master bath and I put our new purchase in here.  The Dyson Handheld Vacuum is one of my favorite cleaning appliances, it is one of the BEST cleaning purchases we’ve made!  I  like to clean the stairs and kitchen floor everyday and this vacuum makes it easy because of its length and power, which rivals a traditional vacuum.  I don’t have to bend down to the floor like I would with the dustbuster.

You may be thinking, “Odd, why is the blower in here?”  Our patio is located right off our kitchen and in the summer I like to keep the patio leaf free 🙂


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