Outdoor Patio: August 2011

Outdoor Kitchen/Patio Continued:  August 2011

I wanted to break up the Outdoor Kitchen/Patio, since the previous post was getting a little lengthy and detailed.  This post is mainly about the decor aspect of the patio.



Parts & Pieces:

Pillows: These are NOT technically outdoor pillows, I bring them out every time we are going to have an evening on the patio, as well as when we have guests and throw parties.  It takes all of 5mins to pull them out and arrange them, but it’s worth the hassel because then you never have to worry about them in the rain and sun.  I did buy outdoor pillows on clearance at Garden Ridge, but I had them covered with a different fabric.  The fabric is actually IKEA curtains that  I turned into multiple pillows.  For $20 you get (2) curtians and you can do a ton with that amount of fabric.




Curtains:  Again, not really outdoor curtains, but they are underneath the over hang and hardly touched by rain.  They do get wet, but not enough to do anything and they are easily washed after every season.  These are a cream linen fabric curtain from IKEA, (2) came in the set and I purchased (2) sets.  I had them sewed together along (2) seems – the top and outer.

IMG_0450IMG_0455 IMG_0457

Curtain Rods:  Anna’s Linens:  Double Layer 24″.  We hung them upside down and attached them to the over hang.  I needed the double layer because of the white Christmas lights that hang underneath.  Before I hang the curtains, I spread the Christmas lights out and use electrical tape to keep them spread out, as shown above.


Accessories:  Were all clearance or end of season close-outs, since they are were going to be outside and weathered by the rain and sun, I didn’t want to spend a ton on something I may have to replace in a year or two.



I have sprayed everything with a coat of the polyurethane to try and keep it from rusting.  Some of the lanterns have still rusted a little, but that’s what I can expect  for putting items outside that belong inside.


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