Stores featured in my posts

Since I’m from the midwest, I talk a lot about stores that are in my area.  Before I get too far into my blog I wanted to explain who they were and why I shop there…

Menards:   A midwest big box retailer.  They have a catchy jingle that I love and know by heart!  I shop here for many of our outdoor supplies like mulch and stone.  You will find them in many of my posts due to their sales and rebates.  A few times a year they have “Crazy Days Sales”, which you can find some great deals on overstocks that they buy just for the sale.

Savings:  Menards is rebate central, if you don’t plan to shop at Menards in the future, then you need to think about what the pricing truly is without the rebate.  You have to be diligent about actually sending in the rebate.  They give rebates in the form of a Menards Gift Card, which if you know what you will be shopping for later in a project or know that you may be looking for something in the future, then it is well worth it.

HOBO: Home Owner’s Bargin Outlet.  A very small retailer with stores only (6) locations in lower Wisconsin and upper  Illinois.

Savings:  Great place for toilets, flooring and tile.  “You never know what you will find, but you will always find it for less”

Floor and Decor Outlets: This store is new to me, as it just opened in Illinois last year.  We did get our Master Bathroom tile here for a great price.

Savings:  Tile, especially marble.  Their Hot Buys are usually where the savings are.  Many things that they advertise are just their everyday low prices, make sure you check when looking through the ads or online.

Home Depot & Lowe’s:  Most people know of Home Depot and Lowe’s, I shop their sales and buy a lot of paint from them.   For both of them, it will completely depend on what I’m looking for or which project I’m shopping for.

Savings via Price Match/Coupons:  Most big box retailers will price match everyone, so if you are at Home Depot and need to pick up something you know is cheaper at Lowe’s, tell them.  They will also honor each others sales and coupons as long as it’s the same product.

Savings via Credit Cards:  If you check with your credit card company, you may find they offer additional cashback with Home Depot or Lowe’s, just by linking through the credit card’s website.  The key is to link through their website, because if you don’t they will NOT offer the cashback from the purchase.  I have also found that if you link through the website and pick-up in store the same day, you will get the discount and not have to run around the store looking for your items or wait for something to be shipped.  When purchasing larger items (appliances), not only will you get the sale price, but you will get the additional cashback and free delivery, all that can be applied to your overall savings!


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