Kitchen: October 2010

Before we could complete the kitchen the way we truly want to, we need to save up.  In the mean time I painted the cabinets, changed the hardware, installed under cabinet lighting and painted the appliances to give everything an updated look.  Plus, this was also a time to show my Hub-E how fabulous dark cabinets would look!

My Hub-E travels for work, so on a time span that he was gone for 2 weeks, I completely surprised him and transformed the kitchen!   I LOVE surprises!!! (as long as I’m not the one being surprised 🙂  I was at work when he came home to see the new kitchen and the text I received was….”Did I know you were doing this and forgot?” HA!




Parts & Pieces:

Cabinets:  Val spar Latex Enamel – Black Satin – Lowe’s:  It took 3 coats, but only (2) cans of the paint.

Cabinet Hardware:  HOBO.  I went from a 3.5″ pull handle to a circle knob.  No one carries and 3.5″ pull for a reasonable price, so the knob happened to be on sale for a $1 a piece, this was a no-brainer!

Paint:  All of the appliance paint can be found at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

I took down all doors and drawers and laid them  in the order that they went in the kitchen layout.  This was easy at the time, since we didn’t have furniture in the living room (we were still saving for the couch I wanted).  As you can see, I had to call in some reinforcements if I was going to paint everything before my husband got home.


Step 1: Remove all doors and drawers from the cabinets.  Take off all hardware and clean what you are going to keep.  I kept the hinges and soaked them all in a mixture of dawn and hot water and scrubbed them with a toothbrush.  Wash all cabinets doors and drawers with hot soapy water (Dawn) with a rag.

Step 2: As I mentioned, to save on cost, I converted from a pull handle to a knob, but this did add a night of labor hours.  I filled all the upper/top holes with wood filter (Elemer’s Wood Filler: Walnut) and a putty knife and sanded them smooth the following day.  On the drawers, I had to fill both holes, since I was centering the knob.

Step 3: I spray painted the hinges with: Rust-oleum Metallic Finish Aluminum

Step 4:  Start painting the cabinets.  I used foam rollers and brushes for this.  The foam glided on the easiest and covered without any lint getting onto the the paint.  Watch for drips, they can sneak up on you, so make sure you to constantly looking for them.  They are easily sanded out and repaint-able, but if you can catch them first all the better.

Step 5:  In between coats on the cabinets, start painting the appliances.  Refrigerator and dishwasher were painted with Rust-loem’s Stainless Steel Appliance paint.  Stove & microwave I painted with Rust-oleum’s High Heat Black paint.  Both of these products need to be painted in a WELL ventilated area.  I used foam rollers for this as well, the stainless is a little trick at first, but once you get the second coat on it will even out.  For the stove and microwave, taping everything well was the key.

Lesson Learned:   If you plan to give your appliances to the ReStore or any other type of donation they do NOT take painted appliances.   We ended up putting them on the curb and they were gone within an hour, but we originally wanted to donate them.  We kept the refrigerator since it was energy efficient and we use it down stairs for extra beverage and freezer storage.

Step 5:  Once the cabinets are completely dry, I highly recommend Minwax Satin Polyurethane coat.   You can apply this with a brush OR foam roller.  Note if you apply with a foam roller you will need to smooth out the little bubbles it leaves behind with your brush.  Take a dry foam brush to smooth them out.  When I helped my friend paint her cabinets we did this, since we knew hers were permanent.  I skipped this step due to the fact that I was going to replace them within a year or two.

Other things you could do for a cost saving kitchen would be to update the counter tops and back splash, but since I knew this was a temporary fix until we saved enough for the “real” kitchen, I lived with the cream laminate counters and 4″ tile back splash.  They weren’t an eye soar once the cabinets were black.

Stay tuned for the major Kitchen update that was completed in early 2012.  🙂


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