Nursery: January 2013

Nursery: January 2013

I’m going a little out of order, but sine we are going to have the baby any day now, I wanted to get the nursery up and posted.

This was once our office/extra guest room.  We have decided not to find out what we are having so I went with a Vintage Travel Theme with Red/Tan, which was technically the preexisting decor, but I added the essentials to make it a nursery.




Parts and Pieces:

Crib:  Purchased from Kohl’ (don’t ever shop Kohl’s unless you have a coupon, we happen to have a 30%, plus it was a huge sale.  We hung the mosiquto net over it, realizing we will have to take this down in a few months, but loved the look for now.)

Changing Table:  Home Decorators Outlet (I had purchased (2) of these  for our Master Bath remodel, but they were 5″ too wide.  I loved the look of them, so I have repurposed them in other rooms of the house.  We attached a changing pad to the top and anchored it to the wall as well.)

Wicker Rocker:  I got this as a gift from my parents.  This is one of the rockers my Dad used to read to us in, so it has a bit of sentimental value.  My Dad spray painted it for me, since I wasn’t able to  at the time, due to the little one growing inside of me 🙂 Spray Painted with: Rust-oleum Metallic Vintage Copper

Book Shelf:  Lowe’s (my husband and dad figured out a way to anchor it to the wall on an angle.  I didn’t like the way it look off to either side.)

Vintage Suitcases:  Found these at a visual sale years ago and they have been used for all sorts of my decor.  Side tables, photo book holders, and now as a stuffed animal holder and side table for nursing.

We didn’t do a ton to this room as far as changing the look, but all the furniture was changed as well as the purpose 😉  We figured when he or she is old enough to have interests we will change it to whatever their heart desires, but until then, it’s mommy and daddy’s taste in decor.


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