Hallway Bathroom: July 2010

Hallway Bathroom: June 2010

This was one of our first interior upgrades to the house! We realized we needed to re-do one of the two bathrooms immediately (since the master shower leaked) the Hallway bath won by price default.

Everything needed updating in this bathroom. The vanity was out-dated, tiles were cracked, and the shower head hit my husband’s chest (which we needed to raise that by over 1.5’!)



Hallway Bathtub 2Hallway Bath Shower

Hallway Bath 23Hallway Bath Vanity 2

Parts and Pieces to the bathroom:

Hardware: Sprayed the existing hinges with Rustoleum Metallic Silver & purchased the knobs from Home Depot.

Mirror: Took out the medicine cabinet and oversized mirror and replaced it with a mirror from IKEA

Wall Paint: Valspar Lowe’s –  Fairmont Penthouse Stone

Lighting: Lowe’s

Exhaust Fan: Lowe’s

Shower Doors: Sterling (standard by-pass) Home Depot

Shower Faucet: Pfister – Home Depot

Tile: 12×12 Polished Marble from Hobo (Home Owner’s Bargain Outlet)

Lesson Learned: I would never put polished marble in a bathroom again. We sealed the heck out of the tile, but our hard/calcium rich water still ate through and left permanent streaked in the shower.  I also dripped vinegar from the cleaning bucket on the flooring and etched the title.

Toilet: Hobo (we chose something round with a smaller footprint since there isn’t a ton of space. Bonus: since it’s smaller it saves water: ONLY 1.6 gals flush)

Vanity: Black Paint from Lowe’s (3 coats with foam brushes and rollers). We removed the vanity from the room so I could paint it in an open space and so we could tile under it. I started by washing down everything with hot water and dawn. I removed all the hardware, hinges, and drawers to paint everything separate. I took a light sand paper and roughed up the surfaces of everything. You can use a primer, but I just started painting.

Vanity Top: (3 Layers)
Base Layer: 3/4” partial board that I painted on all sides with a mold resistant primer. (Kilz’s Premium Primer)
Plexi Layer: The Glass company came to install the glass countertop and I realized the sandblasting didn’t give enough coverage from the base layer, I could still see the base layer wood from the top (which was I was NOT a fan of). They created a 1/8” piece of sold white plexi to put in between the base layer and glass top. This made it look 100% better from the top!
Glass Counter Top: I worked with a local glass specialist for this piece. This is a ½” piece of tempered glass, which I had sandblasted on the bottom and the smallest beveled edge put on the front so it wouldn’t hurt anyone. They were great to work with and came out to measure everything once the painted vanity was re-installed and we determined where the sink and faucet were going to be placed.

Lesson Learned: I absolutely love the look of this counter top, but you can see any scratch that exists. Next time I would try and have the sandblasting or glass patterned so the scratched get lost in the pattern.

Sink/Faucet: Came as a package deal from overstock (hint, if you have one of these faucets and you find it puts out too much water, give it less water by turning down the flow beneath the sink at the shut off valve. We found our guests weren’t used to this type of faucet and ended up spraying themselves with a ton of water when they turned on the faucet.


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